What It Means to Be Nostalgic Right Now..

What It Means to Be Nostalgic Right Now..

When I was a kid and the holidays came around, I remember feeling this sense of excitement in finding out whose house we'd be piling into that year. Some years, we'd meet up at someone's house, for the evening, and eat dinner and laugh into that good night. Other years, we'd organize a sleepover at someone's house and wake up piled on top of each other with smiles on our lips. 

No matter what we did, there was a sense of fullness and completeness in every moment. Why? Because we were surrounded with people who we'd been so far away from all year. People we'd spent hours on the phone with catching up; sharing bits and pieces of ourselves anyway we could. 

Even more, over the last two years, we've had to halt most gatherings with family and friends for the safety of ourselves and each other. So, we've been missing out each other more than ever before. Despite many of these shortcomings, with the medical advancements made over the last year, many of us are starting to feel comfortable enough to engage with our communities again: to embrace, smile without the mask on, be as human as we can...again.

We are counting the minutes until we can fold each other in our arms once more. We are excited about the possibilities of spilling out of dining and living rooms all over the country. 

So, this season's collection is much the exact same as last year's because we are in search of the same things: community, familiarity, home.

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