Loving Each Other...and Ourselves

Loving Each Other...and Ourselves

For the next few days, people will be making plans to spend Valentine's Day with their loved ones. It's a day where people make the extra effort to remind the people they love that they love them. 

Before you make your plans, I just want to remind you about love languages and urge you to honor them. When you make the effort to show your person or your people that you love them, really show them. Give them the quality time they value, the acts of service that makes them feel like you've been listening, pull them in close and wrap them in a warm embrace for as long as they want, tell them all the ways you love them and, last, present them with gifts. Of course, we all have any and all of these love languages, to some degree, but make sure you are honoring your partner's and your loved one's primary and secondary ones. 

Some of us are hearing about love languages for the first time and that's okay. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to explore how you and your loved ones need to be loved. It's the perfect time to start the conversation and make the effort to figure it out together. For those of us that are not in romantic love, I just want to remind you that love is not limited or confined to courtship so choose to love on your friends and family too. 

Finally, love long and love hard; love with respect to the people you are loving. To me, loving means listening and choosing to understand. What does it mean to you?

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