Candles Create Space

Candles Create Space

They say that our sense of smell is the strongest memory trigger. From the scent of the ocean pulling us back to our childhoods and those long days on the beach and back seats filled with sand to the smell of sweet, sweet pumpkin and apple pie reminding us of those crowded dinner tables and stumbling over the laughter of our family members while we gather to give thanks. Our sense of smell has a tendency to ground us, take us away, and bring us back. It is a force to be reckoned with. 

Candles are meant to transform any given space. When I bought my first candle, I must have been, at least, twenty years old. Of course, growing up, my mom owned candles and she had them burning fairly often. Back then, I didn't understand their purpose because I was so caught up in being a kid. It wasn't until the last few years that I started to understand how candles function and their true purpose. I find myself lighting candles before I begin writing for the day, when I want a moment to meditate, or when I start my bubble bath. There's just something about the small flicker of a flame and the soothing scents that fill the air that just make everything a little bit better, a little bit calmer. 

With the power of any one scent, we can create something new for ourselves and the people around us. It is powerful and meaningful. With every scent comes a story, a sad one, a happy one, a funny one. With every scent comes a moment in time that is frozen in the front of our minds, if only a brief second. With every scent comes a place, a person, and a thing that means something to us. As a person who has the ability to transform and recreate those scents, I take candle making very seriously. With every pour and stir, I take on the responsibility of finding the perfect scent for you to create a new and lasting memory to. With every wick and wax, I make the effort to find a home to those memories once lost and forgotten. 

Welcome to Re(candled)kindled, where we tell stories without all of the noise. A place where we find things that are deemed "done" and give them a new life. A place where we come together to make meaning. We hope you find a scent for you, or two. 

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